Chapter Focus Week has come and gone, but the knowledge I've gained will last a very long time! 10 of us went this year, and three of us in the picture drove to the upper peninsula of Michigan where CFW occurs each year with hundreds of students from schools as far away as Wisconsin!

There were a few different tracks that our OCFers participated in. Most of us were in the leadership track where we used prayer and team building activities to streamline our vision for OCF this coming fall. Our desires are for this chapter to be a ministry in every sense of the word. We will be having daily prayer meetings, small groups, and lots more service events too!

CFW was also a time to focus on our qualitative and quantitative goals in terms of membership. God willing, this fall everything will fall into                                                                  place! See everyone in a few months!

It's time for orientation again! Here's a gratuitous picture of a cat. As well as some event info. 

Friday Aug 31, 7pm - Cat In The Cream (Hales Annex) 
Learn about what OCF is and what we do on a regular basis, which involves worshipping and learning about Jesus. EVERYBODY is welcome! Ice cream to follow.

BONFIRE Saturday Sep 1, 9pm - Tappan Square
We hang out. We roast marshmallows. S'MORES

GAME NIGHT Sunday Sep 2, 7pm - Kahn 1st Floor Lounge
We... hang out more? And play games. Come meet/get to know cool people!

Regular Large Group starts Sep 7 at 7pm! BE PUMPED. 

Hello cybersphere! Long time no see!
Here are some big things that we're up to in the year of 2012:

When: May 19-25
Where: Cedar Campus!
Register BY MAY 5 here: http://www.chapterfocusweek.com/registration
Scholarships are available!

URBANA 2012!
When: Dec 27-31
Where: St. Louis, MO
See the Urbana website for more information.
Register BY JUNE 30 before prices go up!

Heartland Conference Center, Marengo, OH
When: 28-30 Oct 2011
Why you should go: Encounter God in the Word and worship! Hang out with awesome Obies!
Register here! You get to choose a track; descriptions are found here

PictureBay Village, OH
Where: Bay Presbyterian Church
Leaving: Fri Sept 30th, 7pm from Kahn Lounge
Returning: Saturday 1st Oct, 4pm (early car available) 
Transport and food provided. You should probably come.

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    Upcoming Events

    [8/25-9/1] New Student Orientation Week
    [8/31] Freshman Large Group
              Bonfire & S'mores
    [9/1] Game Night